Roll up Booking

COVID19 Reservations for Rink roll up (max 2 players per rink)

Welcome back to the greens.

Social Bowls is Back.

Roll ups may be restricted with the commencement of Social Bowls – Covid19 protocols apply – as follows

  • Thursday  1pm-5pm (Nominated Triples Tournament starts October 29)
  • Friday 3pm-5pm – followed by members meeting
  • Saturday  1pm – 5pm
  • Online entries via Social Bowls page or on the board by 12:30 Dress is Casual

Whilst we can play social bowls Roll ups at City Oval are still restricted as per Government Covid  policy.  Weird I know but we  will continue this way until clarification is received.

Based on COVID19 restrictions and green maintenance, only 5 rinks are available for roll up. Based on 10 people per green each available rink may have up to 2 players.

Currently we are allowing 1 hour booking – if other members are not waiting with a booking you may continue the rollup but must vacate the rink if somebody else has a booking.

The times shown on the booking form means  there is a rink space available – to a maximum of 10 people.  Once all rinks are booked that time slot will not be available

When booking you may book for two players. If you book for yourself only (1 player) another member will also be able to book for that period i.e. if 5 single player bookings are made up to 5 other members will be able to make a booking in the same time slot. Players will need to sort out who is rolling up with whom on the day

Enjoy your time on the green.

Keep Sanitised  – Wear a Mask – keep the 1.5m distance

Note: this system does not assign which of the 5 rinks you will play on. You need to work that out when you arrive. W


  1. Click on the date you want to roll up
  2. Click on the time period you want to book – click on “Repeat ” if you want to book other days in this time slot
  3. Enter your name email and phone number just enter your details and another booked member may join you
  4. Tick the Terms and Conditions
  5. Click Submit – you will receive an email with the details of the booking

Pennant will be a 14 week season
Midweek commences  Tuesday 17th November
Saturday Commences Saturday 21st November

Who is rolling up.

Note:- up to 10 members can roll up in the same time period

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