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Division 1 (Ballarat Bowling Club, cars at 121): K Nunn, J Roberts, M Brown, W Roberts; T O'Farrell, E Kierce, J Harman, T Gutteridge; K Watts, P Orr, K Magrath, I Robinson; S Kurzman, M Walton, B Morris, L Sims;

Division 2 (Home): D Holman, S Grano, N Ravenscroft, R Coxall; J Hoffman, D O'Sullivan, G Powell, P Cameron; D Flintoft, P Oxlade, A Mann, R Vance; K Lynch, B Coutts, M Tait, C Smith;

Division 4 (Sebastopol Bowling Club, cars at 1230): L McKenzie, B Hender, C Magrath, K Birch; J Ryan, A Madeley, R Beaumont, E Harman; R Bice, B Candy, J Hofstra, C Bolte; C Deans, T Atkins, J Vance, A Uthenwoldt;

Division 5 (Home): N Sutherland, R Kinna, J Arnold, D Bartsch; B Smith, B Clebney, D Kurzman, G Hamilton; D Sullivan, B Paton, C Gibson, J Paton; P Keppel, K McKenzie, T Grano, B Faulkhead;

Division 7 (Daylesford Bowling Club, cars at 1200): T Johns, J Alexander, L Finger, D Atkins; D Sheehan, L Rhodes, R Rhodes, A Finger; L Kelson, I Swan, M Willmott, S Orr; E Di Girolamo, R Oonk, J Lewis, H Sculley;

Midweek 5 November

Division 1 (Home): P Orr, S Grano, M Tait, W Roberts; K Watts, M Brown, T Gutteridge, I Robinson; J Roberts, L McKenzie, E Kierce, J Harman;

Division 2 (Victoria Bowling Club, cars at 9.30): C Deans, S McCracken, A Madeley, J Vance; J Ryan, S Orr, E Harman, D Flintoft; T Johns, C Magrath, K McKenzie, P Cameron;

Division 3 (Home): R Rhodes, B Faulkhead, B Paton, H Sculley; L Rhodes, H Dolling, M Willmott, T Grano; R Oonk, H Kinnersly, A Finger, C Gibson;


Any member may contact their division liason selector

Div1  Tony Gutteridge/Bryan Coutts
Div2  Chris Smith/Bryan  Coutts
Div4 David O'Sullivan/Chris Smith
Div 5 Dave Bartsch/David O'Sullivan
Div 7 David Bartsch/ Chris Smith


Div1 Kerry Watts
Div2 Anne Madely
Div 3Heather Dolling

Pennants practice Wednesday afternoons from 4pm.

Kitty and Jack - latest club update -

CITY OVAL Newsletter six

Where to start? Jack is back in the doghouse. Kitty and the GURU have gone ballistic AGAIN. It is almost certain that Jack although never being wrong may have erred when mentioning our much loved Marg Willmotts beads. The beads in question are not worry beads at all, but are in fact Rosary Beads. So from someone of the wrong persuasion Jack sincerely apologises for his mistake.


Jack had to look up a number in our club book the other day. What a brilliant booklet this is. Congratulations to Anne Madeley, Jeff Clack, David Murphy for designing, constructing and putting the book together. There is some great information contained in the booklet. Did you know that it is the leader’s responsibility to put the Mats, Cats, Golf Ball markers, Corner flags away in the correct boxes after each game? Anything on the Sturt St end goes in the box that end. Anything on the Club House end goes in the box next to the Main entrance and anything on the Ronaldson Green goes in the Ladies club house shed.  Have you noticed all the sponsors who have joined the HAWKS other great sponsors this book possible? Jacks Cellarbrations, Oscars, Country Casseroles, Ballarat Landscape Supplies and Equipment Hire, Complete Bowls, Steve’s Fish Shop, Pinky’s Pizza, J P Conaughton& Co, Spanners and Sparks Automotive, The Haymarket, Frank Ford Travel, Radmac Office Choice and Lucas Lifestyle Estate. If you are after something and they supply it, try and give them the benefit of your patronage.


If you are going direct to a game PLEASE put your name on the GOING DIRECT BOARD in the club house so the rest of your team know not to wait for you.


Finally someone is putting the ladders up each week. Thank you whoever it is.


Jack noticed that the Punters Club are running a Melbourne Cup Sweep on the 2019 Cup. Entry is two dollars a week and you are guaranteed a starter or your money back. What a great idea by them.  From reading the notice it seems that you only have to let Ian Robinson know or put your name on the sheet. It is limited to 24.


A Grumpy Guru was at the table of knowledge last Monday. Very unhappy, he was still aggrieved at Jack over the Rosary Beads error. He did cheer up considerably when talk turned to his experience at the Diwali Festival of Lights last weekend.(Or was it David Flintoft turning up with another scrumptious load of Goods. OR Kitty and her lovely cohorts arriving before Pennant play.) Whatever, The GURU left all with this quote borrowed from the incomparable Mae West “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough”

Congratulations to Helen Sculley, Janine Roberts, Sandy Grano and Michelle Tait who have reached the final of the BDBD State Fours. The final will be played at 1pm at Ballarat East. Hopefully members will attend and show their support for the girls.







THE HAWKS bounced back after last week’s poor showing with 6 wins from 8 divisions. WELL DONE everyone.


Division One hosted Smeaton at the HAWKS NEST on the Ronaldson green. This tested some bowlers who had not played much bowls there. Terry O’Farrell, Liz Kierce, Jenny Harman and Tony Gutteridge got off to a flying start and eventually won by 29 to get the ones up by thirty one shots.

Division Two were down at Sebastopol, several bowlers were on guard after the break in last week. Two rinks were up and two down they claimed victory by 13 shots. Kevin Lynch, Bryan Coutts, Michelle Tait and Chris Smith the best up 34/12

Division Four took on another Midlands highway team in Creswick. After a great battle we prevailed by 9 shots. John Ryan, Anne Madeley, Adrian Graham and Rob Vance won 27/15. Whilst Charlie Bolte’s rink of Richard Bice, Bill Candy and John Hofstra stormed home from 10 shots down to win by 1

Division Five saw the second Hawks team at Sebastopol. Although losing by 5 shots overall Betty and Jim Paton with Bernie Clebney and the evergreen champion Col Gibson were all smiles as they won 24/11

Division Seven played Ballan at the Nest and scored an outstanding win by 34 shots. Robert Oonk, John Lewis, Margaret Willmott and Helen Sculley won 43/17 and Eligio Di Giralamo, Tony Johns, Dianne Atkins and Barry Turnor won 32/15


Midweek Pennant

Division One Played our friends and arch rivals Central Wendouree at the Bears home venue. In what was a surprisingly lopsided result the Hawks won by 32 shots. Kerry Watts, Mick Brown, Tony Gutteridge and Ian Robinson claimed bragging rights with a 22 shot win.


Division Two Were the only team home as they confronted a very strong Mt Xavier. In a brilliant team effort we had all rinks up. All sixteen contributed to get the maximum points, the best with a 10 shot win were Dorothy Sheehan, Cheryl Magrath, Kathleen McKenzie and Adrian Graham


Division Three Played at the oldest continuous bowling club in the state Ballarat. With this being their top team in Midweek we were always going to be up against it and so it proved. Again this was a great team effort by all.


If you need uniform items please contact Jeff Clack - some items are in stock see the notice board for more info.



Subject to weather and or maintenance a green will be open from 11am daily (Look for GREEN CLOSED signs) with social games Thursday and Saturday

Other News

For your Social Diary

Friday Night Drinks where the Jackpot is rising again.

SpringTime Supper Social Night Sat 22nd September. Great Music, Bring Nibbles , Dancing Shoes, Relive last years games, Meet new members. It's spring so blow of winter drab and wear something bright, even out rageous or your footy colours. 

Club events

Social bowls Thursday and Saturdays

5 years to our Centenary. See the new tab 2021 Centenary in the tabs above. 


Charlie Bolte City Oval Veteran still going strong

Charlie Bolte will step onto the green on Saturday for his 664th match with City Oval Bowling Club. The dedicated bowler is now into his 41st season with the club and his passion is not fading any time soon.

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Bowling Tips

Practice practice practice. In the early part of the season greens run heavy due to growth and water. Practice long ends. On a heavy green focus on delivery-ing your bowl 2 mats behind the jack and do not cross the head.

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