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Saturday Pennant Teams – 14/12/2019
Division 1 (Away v Ballarat East)
M  Brown, P  Orr, K  Magrath, M  Walton; K  Nunn, K  Lynch, E  Kierce, B  Morris; T  O’Farrell, J  Harman, I  Robinson, W  Roberts; P  Cameron, L  McKenzie, G  Mann, M  Firman.
Division 2 (Home v Victoria)
R  Bice, R  Coxall, J  Roberts, A  Mann; D  Flintoft, C  Deans, S  Grano, G  Hamilton; B  Fraser, G  Powell, A  Graham, J  Hofstra; J  Hoffmann, B  Coutts, J  Peddlesden, C  Smith.
Division 4 (Away v Webbcona)
A  Hawkes, B  Hender, J  Vance, P  Oxlade ; J  Ryan, R  Kinna, T  Atkins, T  Grano; P  Birch, C  Magrath, R  Vance, A  Uthenwoldt; A  Madeley, D  O’Sullivan, R  Ryan, M  Tait.
Division 5 (Away v Ballarat East)
K  McKenzie, B  Smith, B  Faulkhead, E  Harman; N  Sutherland, A  Finger, J  Tansley, J  Arnold; D  Holman, P  Keppel, P  Croft, C  Bolte; D  Sheehan, L  Kelson, C  Gibson, M  Sargent.
Division 6 (Home v Central Wendouree)
R  Rhodes, J  Alexander, J  Fitzpatrick, D  Stark; T  Sullivan, A  Johns, B  Paton, J  Paton; A  Croft, L  Finger, B  Clebney, D  Kurzman; L  Rhodes, J  Cameron, D  Bartsch, H  Kinnersly.
Division 8 (Home v Waubra) – Walk Over to Waubra

Note – Saturday Pennant Round 11 – 21 December – with the Club Christmas Dinner on Wednesday 18 December, selection for the Saturday Round will take place on Monday Night. If you are not going to be available for Saturday 21 December please put your name on the Unavailability List.

Monday Pennant Teams -16/12/2019
Premier (Home v Avenue) (Note – could all Premiers bowlers please bring a plate of yummies to share with our opposition after the game.)
P  Orr, S  Grano, R  Ryan, J  Harman; C  Magrath, L  McKenzie, E  Kierce, I  Robinson; M  Tait, K  Nunn, J  Roberts, W  Roberts.
Division 1 (Away v Avenue)
C  Hawkes, C  Deans, J  Vance, T  Grano; P  Birch, D  Flintoft, K  McKenzie, M  Brown; S  McCracken, R  Kinna, A  Madeley, E  Harman.
Division 2 (Away v BMS)
D  Sheehan, P  Croft, J  Alexander, C  Gibson; J  Ryan, H  Dolling, B  Faulkhead, D  Stark; B  Paton, L  Finger, A  Finger, B  Clebney.
Division 3 (Away v Victoria)
P  Holman, R  Rhodes, L  Rhodes, A  Johns; M  O’Connor, J  Cameron, A  Kerr, J  Tansley; I  Edwards, A  Croft, B  Smith, H  Kinnersly.
Duty Team: J Harman

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