Kitty and Jack Newsletter

CITY OVAL Newsletter Nine 2018/2019


2018 is drawing to a close. For some strange reason it is also that time of year where most people’s thoughts turn to what gifts they have to buy and how much money they need in their pockets to cover the costs. As the GURU was discussing with Kitty at their most recent luncheon experience at Oscars the world has moved away from what this time of year is about. Instead of sharing and experiencing the Love of one another, it is all about materiel gain and who has the most spent on them.  Why not spare a thought and a prayer for those who have lost those closest to them during this year. Christmas for them will never be the same. For the GURU and his followers at the temple, although not Christians, the Lenten season is a time for reflection on all the good things we have in our lives , our friends, the bowling fraternity as a whole, our fantastic club and all the people and volunteers within it.


Came into the club on Monday and thought either the club had purchased new furniture or the table of knowledge had been redecorated. I took a seat on one of the gorgeous chaise lounges, only to be told to move my butt as they were about to be moved. It appears they were part of the decor for a 50th birthday party the day before and not a new look for the club house. It is amazing the vision that some people are able to create in their minds and then bring to fruition. Perhaps a possibility if we ever do renovations? What about including a tranquillity lounge?


I noticed that the entry forms for the post Christmas club games have been on the board for several weeks and close this coming Sunday 16th. Check both boards as they are spread out. Writing of club games, the finals are fast approaching. Check the dates and if possible get along to see our best singles players battle it out.


Jack and Kitty received this letter last year; we thought it was worth re publishing Club games priority

Why put your name up for CLUB GAMES if there are not enough days in YOUR week to play them. Newer members should be shown some tolerance when the following excuses roll in. Don’t know when I can find time, Bowling mid week pennant excusable, Bowling at 2-3 other clubs fine, good PR for the Club. Not around for a few days BUT Surely the club events have priority over these events. Why put your name up to play Club events if you can’t fit them around your social calendar. Maybe you should be doing all these other things around your club games (forget the maybe) It’s up to you. Check the board for dates and instruction, Start working on games as soon as the list goes up. We all know that time gets away from us. The TOP name on list is to organise game date and marker. Winner puts their name in the next box on the draw.

It is great to see a substantial number of names down for the Christmas break up on Wednesday 19th, if you wish to attend then get your name down fast and place you payment in the safe at the bar. Do not forget to put your name on the envelope so the organisers know who has paid.



Weekend Pennant


Division One played Mt Xavier at home and in another close game went down by 8 shots. Kerry Watts, Peter Orr, Gavin Mann in his first game for awhile with Ian Robinson were the best rink winning by 10 shots.


Division Two took on top side Linton at home and in a very exciting game lost on the last bowl of the day. Best were Robert Vance, Peter Oxlade, Michelle Tait and Mick Brown.


Division Four continued the close game theme losing by 3 shots at home to Victoria, disappointingly we only managed one rink up, this being Alan Hawks, Cheryl Magrath, David Flintoft and Adrian Graham who won convincingly by 17 shots



Division Five Have moved into the top four after their narrow win down at Avenue. Brian Smith, Barry Hender, Peter Keppel and Darren Kurzman were up by 12 shots.


Division Seven in another thriller had two rinks up and fortunately this week won by 2 shots out at Bungaree, a great effort on the carpet. Ray Rhodes, Les Finger, Kathleen McKenzie and Anita Finger were superb winning by 9.


Midweek Pennant


Division One played host to Clunes and suffered an embarrassing loss. The Hawks only had one rink up on the day, that being Mick Brown, Cheryl Magrath, Tony Gutteridge and Ian Robinson by 10. Interestingly these were all winners on Saturday as well.


Division Two were also at home, playing Avenue they triumphed. All 12 players played to their best for the team and it showed on the scoreboard. Cec Deans, Robert Oonk, Anne Madeley and Jan Vance took the honours by 9 shots.


Division Three travelled to Learmonth to face an almost impossible task. The strength of the opposition in this grade is outstanding. Our twelve certainly did the club proud as they gave everything to the job at hand. Although eventually succumbing to the Lakers we congratulate the group who week after week with no complaints go out give their absolute best and enjoy their bowls. Perhaps there is a lesson here for all the bowlers in the higher grades.




Good bowling this week, Remember what makes any club great is the peoples in it.


Kitty and Jack